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Please read this information carefully as it contains important info about entering pictures for the exhibition. Please print a copy, and keep it safely for future reference.

Please use this link to download a copy of all of the information on this page.

Please use this link to download the online submission form.

The show is a non-profit making venture, aimed at providing a prestigious venue for the artists in this region. The show is for amateur and professional artists.

The Millennium Gallery is a superb, and prestigious venue, with two exhibition spaces for over 750 selected pictures, with excellent display stands of neutral grey to display work to its best advantage. There is excellent disabled access.

The exhibition also features the prize winners for The Young Painter of the Year competition organised by the Rotary Club (Abbeydale Division) and sponsored by the Great Sheffield Art Show.

Admission charges will be £4.00 (£3.00

concessions) with accompanied children


 The Exhibition

You might like to come to the Exhibition

Preview. This gives the opportunity for an early viewing, with a glass of wine, on Friday 17th November, from 7.30pm.

Tickets are £10 each and available online through EventBrite or from:

Enormous Art Ltd,

95 Brookhouse Hill, Sheffield, S10 3TE

Key Dates:

Selection days: Sept 10th

                                  & Sept 17th

Handing in: November 16th

Preview: November 17th

Exhibition days: November 18th

                              November 19th

Collection: November 19th


You may submit up to six works, but if you are submitting large works (those with a height or width exceeding one metre: for multi-part works, such as triptychs, the overall size will be taken) you should be aware that subject to availability of space the selection committee may limit the number of paintings you can submit, typically to three.  

You can submit works in any medium, including hand made prints (provided these are in a limited edition). We do not, however, accept photographs. You should enter the medium on your entry form and this will be shown in the catalogue.

You can submit digital art (that is, art made on a computer using artistic skills and original ideas). We will point out to buyers the nature of the work - that it is not necessarily unique and can be reproduced from the electronic original.

 Your Pictures

Framing is important. We will reject submitted works if they are not properly presented.

framed behind glass. Unframed works, such as block canvases, should be tidily finished around

the edges.

or brackets) are not suitable for exhibition hanging.


All works must be labelled (on the rear

of hung works) with your name,

address, the work's title, medium, price and an acknowledgement if it is a copy

of another artist's work. We will supply labels that you can use.


The minimum acceptable price is £40. You can submit one piece which is not

for sale (provided that you have

submitted and we accept at least one priced work). You should not price

works to deter sales and we will

challenge any price we consider excessive.


The selection days are on the 10th  and 17th of September, please let us know which of these dates you are available.

These will be held at the

Hallam Community Hall, Hallam School, Hallam Grange Crescent, Sheffield S10 4BD.

On your chosen selection day you must bring your artwork between

9am – 12am. You  will need to wait while your work is being judged. You will find out at your selection day if any of your pieces have been accepted.

If so you will need to pay the hanging fees. The hanging fee of £5.00 per selected picture must be paid or your work will not be exhibited at show. This can be paid by cash, card, or cheque.

If you miss the deadline for the selection days you may still be able to apply online using the online application form from our website. Online application forms must be emailed to enquiries@enormousart.co.uk

If you fail to get a response to your application form within one week, please phone or email Enormous Art Ltd:



Selection will depend on the standard of the work, presentation, and space available.


If you are submitting glass, ceramic or mosaic artwork you are responsible for

arranging your own insurance. We are

not liable for anything which may occur

to your work.


Your help is needed to hang the pictures on the Friday  morning, and will be greatly appreciated.

Please contact Anne Liddell at aml@anneliddell.plus.com


You must collect your unsold pictures from the Millennium Gallery, on Sunday evening, 19th November, between 5.30pm and 6.30pm, or by prior arrangement on Monday 20th November from the activity room at the Millennium Gallery.

Pictures cannot be collected when the Show closes at 4pm, as this is the time when buyers collect their purchased pictures. There is strictly no admission for artists at this time.

You will need to show your Exhibitor List, as we will check off the pictures you take against it.

 After the Exhibition

You must bring selected pictures, together with your Exhibitor’s List to the Surrey Street Entrance of the Millennium Gallery, S1 2LH, on Thursday 16th November between 6pm and 8pm.

Your Exhibitor List is your authority to exhibit, and will be used as your receipt when collecting pictures after the Show. Keep it carefully as no pictures can be accepted or returned without it.

 Delivery to the Show

If you sell a picture you will pay a commission of 30% of the sale price. The income from commission is an important source of the funds needed to run the exhibition. We therefore set a minimum selling price of £40 on all works at the Show.

We will send you a cheque for the sale price, less the commission, by post after

the Show, or if you can provide your bank details we will pay direct in to your account.

 Commission and Payments

If, as an exhibiting artist, you want to

make several visits to the exhibition you can obtain a special multi-visit admission ticket.

 Visiting the Exhibition

The nearest car-parks are Q Park on Charles Street (known as the Cheesegrater) or the NCP car-park on Arundel Gate (entrance next to The Crucible).

Why not come on the bus, or by Supertram when visiting the Show

without your paintings?


& KG

Full application details and forms will be released soon.